Jarmo Pohjaniemi's Lighting Diagrams

Jarmo Pohjaniemi [8 years ago]

Jarmo Pohjaniemi's Lighting Diagrams Book CoverScarica il libro Jarmo Pohjaniemi's Lighting Diagrams - Jarmo Pohjaniemi eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi) GRATIS, Shoot The Centerfold Digital Lighting Diagrams
Some of the most best kept secrets known to fashion and Playboy photographers are now available to you in a digital format. This book holds over two decades of study and careful refinement. Learn how to create amazing shots using the very same lighting techniques as the centerfold masters. Learn from multiple interactive sets with full equipment and lighting details as well as extra behind-the-scenes galleries, videos and much more.

Each chapter contains a complete list and explanation of each piece of equipment used. This interactive Lighting Diagram offers more that any book out on the market in its category and has information known only to Playboy photographers. It also contains additional interviews and lighting descriptions.

15 lighting scenarios in glamour, fashion, boudoir, beauty and fine art

Understanding exposure & color temperature

An interview with Playboy's Director of Photography Gary Cole

2D & 3D image galleries

Exclusive behind the scenes galleries of famous sets

BTS photos & video of Jarmo's famous bubble shoot

Interview with world famous bubble artist Keith Johnson

An advanced lighting set with step-by-step image sequence demonstrating light effects

Tour a famous centerfold set with full description of each light and equipment used

3 Proficiency Levels

You will learn three different levels of lighting: basic, intermediate, and advanced lighting set situations. Start learning at the basic or intermediate level and take your photography to the advanced level as your skills grow.

Take your photography to the next level

Learn how to light glamour, fashion and headshots like a pro in detailed instruction. Create basic two-light setups or advanced lighting situations for a master photoset. Most important, learn how to balance daylight with strobes.

Detailed Positioning & Lighting Values

No more guessing! See detailed descriptions of each f/stop, ISO, focal length, color temperature, warming and cooling gels, distance and the lens used to create the breathtaking images.

Knowing the Light

Light is everything. Knowing lights and understanding their purpose is the first step to photographic wisdom. Today’s clients demand smart photographers who can deliver in any lighting situation imaginable.

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