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Optionality Book CoverScarica il libro Optionality - Richard Meadows eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi) GRATIS, Not Sure What the Future Holds? No Problem.

It's hard not to be worried about the future, especially if you just lost your job, are trying to plan your career, or are suddenly missing thousands of dollars from your retirement account.

In Optionality, finance journalist Richard Meadows lays out a guide for not only becoming resilient to shocks, but positioning yourself to profit from an unpredictable world.

Meadows takes us on a journey from quitting his office job at age 25, to lounging on tropical beaches living the early retirement dream, to finding and adopting an ancient philosophy for systematically pursuing the good life.

Learn how to:

◆ Find investment opportunities with open-ended upside, and maximise the chances of a 'moonshot' success

◆ Make life-changing choices under conditions of uncertainty

◆ Achieve the kind of financial freedom that lets you live life on your own terms

◆ Protect against disaster, build support networks, and create a safety buffer of resilience in every area of life

◆ Develop a systems approach to making your own luck

Optionality is the key to navigating an uncertain world.

In this entertaining and insightful debut, Meadows delivers a timely message: optionality has never been so valuable, and only those who have it will survive and thrive.

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