Navigating Lymphoedema

Teresa Lee [1 month ago]

Navigating Lymphoedema Book CoverScarica il libro Navigating Lymphoedema - Teresa Lee eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi) GRATIS, “This is the education and hand-holding I wish I’d had when my lymphoedema swelling first presented itself six years ago.” Nancie, breast cancer survivor.

A diagnosis of lymphoedema after cancer treatment can feel like a “kick in the guts” for many people. The condition is characterised by swelling, most commonly in the arm or leg, and can result in frequent bouts of infection, poor function and quality of life. The irony is that if lymphoedema is detected early and treated appropriately, swelling can be minimised and even reversed. People CAN live rich and full lives with carefully managed lymphoedema.

Unlike other health conditions that have fixed paths of medical management, the path to lymphoedema management is not so clear-cut. Lymphoedema requires a high level of self-education, self-awareness and self-management. Dr Teresa Lee is an experienced lymphoedema physiotherapist who has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has been an invited speaker for many lymphoedema and cancer platforms in Australia. She has written this book to help cancer survivors navigate the complex world of lymphoedema and live well with this condition.

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